how to apply your patch

Click 'here' to view an infographic on how to apply your Freestyle Libre or Medtronic Guardian patch!

Click 'here' to view an infographic on how to apply your Dexcom patch!

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your skin is clean (especially from oils) and completely dry before applying the patch. Ideally 1 hr after showering or after cleaning the area with an alcohol wipe.

During application, please try to avoid touching the sticky side - if someone can help you then that is great! Also, the patch will last much longer if applied without wrinkles.

Once applied, please rub the patch gently to create heat - this helps to activate the adhesive. Keep the patch dry for atleast 2 hours after application for best results.

type-strong patches

Our patches are 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex - the high percentage of Cotton results in 'soft to touch' patches that don't lift around the edges, while the Spandex adds stretch and flexibility so the patches move with your skin.

Combine the two together and you won't even know you're wearing it!

Our patches are designed to last 10-14 days when applied correctly.

Our patches use a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive - which means they are kind on all skin types.

However, please discontinue use if a reaction occurs.

Type Strong CGM patches are designed specifically for use during exercise. This means they are also suitable for everyday wear in humid locations.

You sure can! Feel free to have a shower, go swimming in the ocean or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Yes! Our patches are designed with a special section of backing paper that can be 'removed' or 'left on' when applying the patch.

If this section is removed the patch will stick to the sensor - this means maximum protection for your CGM, although it is now difficult to remove the patch without taking your sensor with it.

The alternative option to leave this section of backing paper on when applying the patch - this means that the patch will only 'stick' to your skin and not the sensor. Making patch changes without removing your sensor, super easy!

Click here to view an image of our special backing paper design.

Our patches are housed in a rugged, resealable + waterproof package to ensure they are protected from the elements.

However, please don't leave them in hot environments (such as a car) as this may damage the adhesive.

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